Our Legacy
..मैं नर हूँ, तू नारायण है.. मैं हूँ संसार के हाथों में.. संसार तुम्हारे हाथों में.....
"..I exist in the human form..You are the Almighty in the highest form of the universe.. I am in the hands of this universe.. And this universe is in Your hands.." - Excerpt from a poem handed down to generations
Since 1807, the masterpieces by Lustrous Gems have defined style and celebrated the world’s greatest lives.

The descendants of the Royal Family of Ujjain, blessed with a creative bent of mind and the astuteness for business, led the journey of Lustrous Gems.

With many generations until this day, have carried forward their legacy of aristocracy and acuity.

The heritage endowed is today being led by His Royal Highness Nalin D. Jhaveri, and has seen greater heights and acclamation worldwide.

Lustrous Gems - presents regal jewellery that celebrates life in every way.

Lustrous Gems: In the words of HRH Nalin D. Jhaveri
"Our expertise of seven generations in custom-crafted jewellery, is par excellence. A customer is the most important person on our premises. As we always say, your search for fine gems and jewellery ends here."
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